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AI Alliance Announces 25+ New Members, Launches AI Safety Tooling and AI Policy Working Groups to Enable Open, Safe, and Responsible AI for All


The AI Alliance, an international community of developers, researchers, and organizations dedicated to promoting open, safe and responsible artificial intelligence, today announced the addition of more than 20 new members, bringing together a diverse mix of academia, startups, enterprises, and scientific organizations from around the globe.

The Alliance has also established its first two member-driven working groups, in AI Safety and Trust Tooling and AI Policy Advocacy to take immediate action in support of the organization’s mission. These groups convene researchers, developers, policy and industry experts to work together to comprehensively and openly address the challenges of generative AI and democratize its benefits.

The AI Alliance AI Safety and Trust Tooling working group will:

  • Provide objective information and best practice guidance on AI safety, trust, ethics, and cybersecurity through a showcase of tools, blogs, newsletters, and whitepapers.
  • Improve the state of the art for models, datasets, and other tools that perform evaluation for sensitive data detection, model quality and alignment, and cybersecurity threats and remediation.
  • Establish a definitive set of benchmarking capabilities for testing AI models and applications.

The AI Alliance AI Policy Advocacy working group will:

  • Create a public forum through events and online discourse that brings the technical community and policymakers together to address opportunities and barriers for open innovation in AI.
  • Publish and disseminate information and opinion from AI Alliance members on key policy topics, including red teaming, regulation on applications, and access to hardware.
  • Represent the voices of the broader AI ecosystem reliant on open source and open innovation before policymakers.

The AI Alliance, which launched in December 2023, emphasizes the importance of open technologies and encourages the adoption of these advancements across industry, academia, and government. By advocating for open innovation with leaders across industry and government, the AI Alliance seeks to foster an environment where AI can thrive and benefit people and society everywhere.