Join us in building the open future of AI

We strive to provide a clear and simple path for anyone to join our community and contribute to AI Alliance projects, whether they are part of an existing member organization, or not.

We are excited to welcome contributions to AI Alliance Core and Affiliated projects.

Core Projects
Core projects address substantial cross-community challenges and are an opportunity for individual contributors and members to collaborate, build, and make an impact on the future of AI. Core Projects are managed directly by the AI Alliance and governed as described below. You can find a list of AI Alliance Core Projects here on the AI Alliance website. 

Affiliated Projects
We encourage individuals to contribute to Affiliated projects run by an AI Alliance member.  Although Affiliated Projects are not managed by the AI Alliance, we highlight them as contributing to open, safe, and responsible AI. You can find a list of AI Alliance Affiliated Projects here on the AI Alliance website. Contribution to Affiliated Projects is governed as set out by the Affiliate Project, not the AI Alliance contribution process set out below.

Making a contribution

The AI Alliance utilizes the Linux Foundation’s Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) on a per-commit basis to enable contributions to Core Projects. The DCO does not require the committer to give away ownership of the contribution - your IP remains yours and others' IP remains theirs.

Core Project Licenses

AI Alliance Core Projects’ utilize the following licenses unless otherwise noted in the project repository:

The AI Alliance leaves open the possibility of additional terms concerning safe and responsible use for certain elements in special Core Projects, for example weights associated with certain AI models. Any decision to use any such additional terms for a Core Project must be made by the AI Alliance Steering Committee and will be clearly identified in the Core Project repository.

Anyone participating in and/or contributing to the AI Alliance community must agree to the following agreements and conditions: 

  1. AI Alliance Code of Conduct - We strive for a vibrant, diverse, and collegial community.
  2. This Developer Certificate of Origin applies to all contributions to AI Alliance Core Projects. 
  3. AI Alliance Competition Law Guidelines - The AI Alliance and its members are committed to compliance with applicable antitrust and competition laws.